Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Every little bit helps

Had ANOTHER problem with our A/C today. How nice. I went to work practically dripping wet with sweat. Disgusting. I was hating life. Yep. All fixed,(so far,) when I came home. (Thank the good Lord!!!) I was going to float in the pool to cool off if it wasn't fixed when I got home. I'm lucky we have a pool. Oh, and last night I found out that my FAVORITE singer(Jamey Johnson) will be at Mizner Park in Boca Raton on Oct. 30th. I am SO EXCITED to go,-I can't wait. He is so awesome live. What a voice, what a band, what a hottie. I love his music, it's so old-style, real country music. None of this crap that's out and way too commercial. I love Toby Keith, but besides his looks and great little hooks and sayings in his songs, I really crave to hear a real country song from him. Jamey Johnson is the real deal, the real thing. One listen to 'In Color' or even 'That Lonesome Song' and you will know what I mean. He can sing, he can write, he can do it all, not to mention he is crazy-hot-looking. So yeah, I can't wait! CAN'T WAIT. So I have some stuff to look foward to. Hey,-it helps, ya know? Anything helps when you're in my situation. Looking foward to this concert, to our family reunion in October, looking foward to getting this Fendi Spy bag,....yea,...every little thing helps. Small steps. BABY STEPS. Any little thing.

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