Sunday, July 18, 2010

Put that cellphone where the sun don't shine

Got off work today and went to CVS and had to stand in line behind some dimwit who very obviously didn't know how to use a debit/credit card machine!!! I wanted to kill! Can these people just slow down enough to READ what it is asking you?, and not just jab your damn finger at the machine and push every button!???! I wanted to fling his card, and freakin' do it myself just to get him away from me, and outta the line. Are we really THAT busy?, THAT stupid?, THAT in a hurry? How important do you think you are to sit on your cellphone, hold up the line, AND do your debit FOUR freakin' times because you can't pay enough attention to what you are reading/doing? BECAUSE you're on your DAMN PHONE!!! OMG! Please. What an idiot I wanted to yell at him. It really was infuriating. I was so close to losing my temper. So close, (not that that is such a big deal, but C'MON.) REALLY? It's no wonder I have no patience with stupid people like this. How do they live this long without someone beating them to death from their sheer stupidity and lack of awareness around them? I would love to be some big, huge, muscleman for 24 hours, and smack the tar outta these people just to teach them a lesson. Aggravates the living piss outta me. (SORRY for the language.) Sometimes I just can't deal, ya know? Then there is the person speaking loud enough on their cell that you can hear their entire (stupid, boring,) conversation. Do I really wanna hear this? Do I really wanna hear you? I couldn't care any less, believe me. I don't even wanna hear my own conversations half the time on the phone,....why would I wanna hear your's?! WHY?! I HATE ALL PHONES.I HATE them and the people who are obnoxious on them. All of you guys. THINK, before going in public, just sit in your damn car and talk. I DON'T WANNA HEAR YOU, do you got it?! DON'T. WANT. TO. HEAR. YOU. AT. ALL. JUST ZIP IT!

Thank you.

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