Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nothing new

Okay,-so my b-day went by uneventful,-which I like. Very low-key and quiet. Back to work and hoping that our vacation will be on for next month. Massachusetts here we come! (At least I'm hoping so. We will see.) It seems like time is going by fast and slow at the same time for me. I just feel so bored tho. And angry. And frustrated. And hag-ish. (I'm 45 now,...officially hag time.) I never thought at this point in my life I would be like I am right now. At least we're not broke, and at least we are still happy in our marriage, which in this day and age, is alot. This past January it was 18 years we've been together now. Like I tell him all the time,...."there is no divorce in my vocabulary",........NONE. I will not have it. I got married to him and that's all there ever will be. Not again, and no one ever else, - I can tell ya that's the truth. I've never felt I belonged with someone so much in my life as I do with my hubby. He is just the kittehs meow. (And apparently to alot of other women too. Everywhere we go, he gets hit on by young and old! It's very cute to see. He gets so embarassed.) Last time we went to a Toby Keith concert, there was a row of about 6 women/girls behind us, and they were drinking (probably alot,) and they kept really hitting on my husband with me right there! And they even went as far as grabbing his butt. He didn't know what to do! (Now he knows how women feel when men get too grabby-touchy with us.) I laughed it off, but he was starting to get mad. They just thought he was the hottest thing. Too funny. Hey! I can't get mad,-they just think what I think about him, and if he's hot, he's hot, and I certainly think he is, so there is my rationale. So,....haven't been on eBay because someone hacked into my bank account for the third time in less than 17 months. This is getting ridiculous. (And I'm jones-ing for eBay bids as I write.) I'll just have to suffer. I'll catch up with ya soon.

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