Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turns on ya one day

Remember how I told ya that I've been on Facebook lately and found a bunch of jr.high/high school friends on there? You ever notice how something that really starts out and/or seems so great turns on you? I mean really. My father worked with someone who's daughter went to school with me that I became friends with and felt obligated no matter what I thought of her and her actions, to be friends with. No matter what. Let me tell you, I disagreed with ALOT she had done, and alot of her actions,...but I really stayed a true friend to her,-no matter what anyone said. I honestly did. I even re-connected with her years later, and we caught up with emails, pictures, etc. Now-even later,- I found all our old gang on FB and 'friended' her, and she writes me this msg. today about how I never kept in touch, I never answered any questions she (supposedly) asked me, and how she doesn't consider me a friend. REALLY? I mean REALLY? I about giggled myself into an asthma attack reading this msg. on FB from her. Can someone really be this mentally misguided? I mean really? It scares me that people out there walk around among us that are this confused and believe in their misguided little world. I guess that's why partly this world is the way it is. Very scary to think about.VERY. OK,-she went out with a guy who I had a crush on all thru jr. high and high school,(this is my 'friend'.) She then went behind my back and after a fiance' and I split up after 7 YEARS, she secretly slept with him, and to this day, doesn't know that I know. Not to mention numerous other fiascos that two teenage/ twenty-something-yr.-old girls can get into. It wasn't pretty on her part,-trust me. And ya know what? I never judged,....................................................................................until now. I think back to then and how NON-judgemental I was at the time, but the things she did were just WRONG. Cheating on a great guy she had for a boyfriend that everyone wanted, undesirable guys, NUMEROUS, undesireable guys, (if you know what I mean.) She ended up dating my first crush that had finally asked me out (years later,) and she got him to miss our date. THEN,....(I never brought it up,-I pretended like it didn't happen to stay friends,).......we both ended up going after the same guy (again,) and he picked me! Surprise, surprise.We ended up dating and eventually getting engaged,...and after 7 years things just didn't work out. (He wanted children and thought he could change my mind, and I knew I didn't,-end of story.) So, and that's a big SO~ after we split up she (pretended) to still be my friend while all along she was going after the guy I just split up with. (Yes,-she ended up sleeping with him.) Whatever. I got over that eventually too after meeting my now husband, and she even tried to get too friendly with him, (he told me,) and NOW after all that, she wrote me a note on FB ,saying how thru everything, she doesn't consider me a friend, and that I never kept in touch w/ her with emails, etc. REALLY? I've kept in touch with a few of our other friends, why and how not her? (I did tho.) I'm just really trying to figure out the little world that this girl/woman lives in. It's actually pretty scary when I think about it. And she has a kid too, (which REALLY scares me to think how she has raised him, and his values.) I KNOW that there are two sides to every story, but in jr.high/high school I was very straight and narrow. I didn't go out with any guy until I was 16, and even then it ended up being a 2 year relationship. She on the other hand went out with and slept with every guy she could get her hands on from jr.high on. I became friends with my first crush's older brother,(JUST FRIENDS mind you,) and he told me that all the guys knew how 'easy' she was and that's why they all tried to go out with her. HE told me that. I STILL stood up for her. Every guy I ever went out with never wanted me near her, or associating with her. (Probably too because they all did/or tried to sleep with her and didn't want me to find out. EXCEPT my now-husband.) But is that really a friend? I mean, I tried to always stick up for her,.....and now,.....NOW she says all that stuff in this note. I'm just freaking out at how unbelievable this whole girl's attitude towards me is. I really am. I'm so blindsided I can't even believe it, but for once I'm not going to let it slide or go by me. I wrote her a little note saying how I have no idea what in the world she is talking about, and that if she doesn't want to 'friend' me on FB than that's her perogative, and that we are adults now and there is no reason to be like this. I mean really now. I honestly have NO IDEA what this girl is talking about. I have been too involved with our little legal-ridden-horror-story of a life going on right now. Honest. Ya'll have heard me on here. I have no contact with anyone,....ANYONE for the last three years or more. NONE. Not even people that really are my friends. I just don't know how to take it. I'm too aggravated. I am, and I shouldn't be,....but I can't help it. Maybe I'm being immature,- I don't know. I just don't know.

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