Friday, March 5, 2010

What's next

I wrote a nice long blog on Wednesday I think it was, and somehow my computer wouldn't let me save it and get it on here. I was very upset. When I write, it really helps me, and when I lose something I write, I become desperate.(Like Carrie on SATC when she didn't "back up"!) Yep, I just had to take a step back, and not write for a few days, and hope this time it will make it on the blog.Watching the news everyday,.....can this world become anymore dreadful, and scary? The earthquakes, the tsunamis, the floods? Could Nostradomus predictions be coming true? I read about him when I was in high school, and ever since, have been very interested in him. It's a little scary to think and read about tho. I mean,....what happened in New Orleans, I thought would never have been capable in the U.S. Those poor people still haven't gotten it all together, and they are totally forgotten already. Haiti, Portugal, China,....where next? I feel like I should get outta dodge right now. But to go to where?Right? I think I'd like to live in a Mall. I could forget about all the ugliness, and stick my little head in the sand, and just shop. Sometimes that's really how I feel, because I feel so overwhelmed with the world right now. (All I can say is thank God for Obama. The only bright spot in this otherwise dismal place.) I know everyone doesn't agree, and I don't really care, (we all have our opinions,right?), but he can only do so much after 8 grueling years of putting IDIOT Bush in there, with his cross-eyed, devious smile,blank stares, and putting us in this economy we have right now. All Obama can do is try his best to clean up Bush's mess. How he will do it, I couldn't even fathom,...but he's doing what he thinks is best, and I'm with him 100%. SO,.....on that note,....I am going to go take a nap with my husband and kittys. Maybe catch a movie later on. I'll report back.

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