Monday, March 8, 2010

Reason's why

Got off early from work today thinking I was going to get my taxes done, and they couldn't do them because of my rental unit condo,(that somehow can't be sold or rented to save my life it seems!) It's a special program that they do if you live in the area that I'm at, AND IT'S FREE. I knew it was too good to be true. So I got off an hour early, waited an hour and a half, and got NOTHING done. Oh well. I came home and immediately took Munky out for our daily time in the yard. We were out almost two hours, and Sugar came and hung-out w/ us. It was lotsa fun. I'm unwinding now, trying to figure out when and where to get my taxes done. Also trying to download my pictures from my Blackberry, and I can't seem to get it to get going. I've tried everything. I'll figure it out eventually,-it's just aggravating when it won't just do what you want. Period. I've really become obsessed w/ this new bag out by B.Makowsky,.....and for some reason, the second I laid eyes on it,....I had to have it in every color. I haven't gotten it yet, but it's on my list,...I can tell ya that much. How I become obsessed w/ these things, I don't know. I guess it's like a compulsion. I read these fashion magazines, and I want some things I see in there. The problem is, our life is nowhere near like it used to be,...we don't go out AT ALL anymore. I still love dresses, high heels, nice bags, faux-furs, and NICE jewelry. It was great when we lived in Coconut Grove, but not here, and certainly not anymore. That's why I feel so depressed I think,-or at least part of it. I KNOW the other reason why.

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