Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry ya'll

Well,...I'm watching "American Idol", and boy do I take back my opinion of Andrew Garcia. He has progressively gone downhill from when I first heard him sing "Straight Up". Crystal Bowersox is the runaway winner to me,(but that's just my opinion.) She makes me want to hear every single song she sings.Not to mention Siobahn Magnus and Lee DeWyze. So,...yeah, how boring am I? I really want to get my taxes done this week, but I can't get myself in gear to do anything. Not even around the house. I keep trying to get myself motivated, but nothing works. NOTHING. Do I sound like a broken record? I feel so outta sorts. The weather just turned overly warm here, and I've been really dreading it. It doesn't motivate me like it does everyone else down here in South Florida. I will be so happy the day we end up moving north somewhere,.....anywhere. We looked at the same place again that is for sale in northeast Boca, and I still LOVE the place. I just don't see it happening no matter how bad I'd like it to. My husband is NOT on board of buying another place until we sell at least one of the two places we have for sale. And of course I understand that. But it doesn't make things here at this house any easier, or more comfortable,(and I don't mean between us,) I mean literally living here. I'm also going through all these thoughts in my head about my job, and how unhappy I am. I hate my job, and I'm not making hardly any money, so why not make no money working at the mall, where I would be somewhat happier and alot more interested,-that's for sure. So why not? That's what I want to do. I'd be happier working in the mall then where I'm at right now. Sounds ridiculous I know. If everyone had my problems,(I know,) everything would be great. So I guess I'm being a big baby. I'm sorry to complain,I guess I'm feeling sorry for myself. So I'll be signing off now. I'm sure you're sick of hearing my babble.

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