Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Breathe

Came home from work to an empty house 'cept for my little Munky. My husband went to play some poker at the Casino, and I couldn't be happier. I treasure my alone time,...I really do. Somehow it helps me,....Munky and I played, did laundry, cleaned her little room up, got the garbage ready for pick-up,(so my husband didn't have to do it when he came home.) He's been doing ALL the shopping, ALL the laundry, everything. I had to do some stuff tonight, or I just wouldn't have felt right. So we did all this while running around the house playing tag, and peek-a-boo, and her running with my hair ties that she loves to shoot across the floor, and throw in the air and jump off all fours and catch. Needless to say,...we had fun, and I'm ready to put the clean sheets on the bed, and have Munky and I jump in and go to sleep. Altho 'Sex and the City' just came on, so maybe I'll stay up a little longer and watch this the next hour. Munky is already napping on her comforter we keep on the living room floor with two boxes under it (to be her "fort".) Remember when you were a kid?, and you made "forts" in the living room?, or front yard? I always did that w/ folding chairs and two big blankets. I would lie in there for hours on end playing house,(in our front yard.) Weird, huh? So we always make sure her little "fort" is made-up on the living room floor, so she feels like she has her own little place, but still be near us when we are watching TV, or I'm on the computer. She loves it. Whether she's in the fort, on the fort, on the comforter that's on the fort,...she loves the whole thing. And that's where she curls up and naps sometimes. Aren't ya glad I told you all that? And did ya'll wear green today for St.Patrick's Day? I did. You know, the tradition is that if you don't wear green on St.Pattys, you get a pinch. When I use to bartend, all the girls wore green,...believe me, they didn't need another excuse for someone to man-handle them. I was always behind the bar, so no one could get near me,(-and I always had the biggest boyfriend/now hubby.) So anyways,....Happy St. Patty's Day, safe.

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