Friday, March 12, 2010

Off on a tangent

I need to ask ya'll something. I was standing in line after work tonight,....and there was a long line, and people started getting restless,...reading magazine covers, commenting, etc. Someone says that all the celebrities get what they deserve, and that how hard could it be to be famous, and have your picture taken all the time? that kinda thing, etc. Well, of course, I had to pipe up finally and say my piece. Are you kidding me? Can you imagine what it all entails to be a famous person nowadays? The right outfits, the right makeup, the right hair, the right weight, the right this, the right that. Please! You honestly could NOT pay me ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD to be famous right now. NO WAY Jose! (Not that I will ever have to worry about it, but just the thought sends shivers down my spine.) I'd love to be the money-making unknown in the background who writes the great stuff, or what-have-you,....IN THE BACKGROUND. Could you imagine having the idiot paparazzi people even going near your children? Is nothing sacred to people anymore? I know this isn't a big problem,....certainly nothing to dwell on,...but I'm just so offended by how people think, and what they expect, and how they are nowadays. It's disgusting. No one takes pride in being a nice person, with manners, and speaking without using foul language. It irks the living daylights outta me! I want to scream sometimes when I have to deal w/ some dirty-joke-telling, he-man, who thinks he's entitled , and I have to be nice and polite, and try to act like I mean it. Yeah, I rather stick hot burning spears into my eyes and ears just to make it all go away. So now that I've gone off on my tangent,.....thanks for listening,....let me know what you think,....oh what the heck!-who cares right now,who am I kidding?....I'm just glad anyone is reading this. Thank YOU.

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