Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short and Sweet

I love Sundays. I read the newspaper, lounge around, play w/ the kitties, and just usually have off from work. It's relaxing, and peaceful. It helps my head. We usually go out for breakfast at the local diner, and everyone knows us there. Then we come home, take naps or watch a good movie, or a hockey game if there's one on,....that's a perfect day to me. Make a nice dinner, or grill some chicken, and then it's time to watch one of our favorite, favorite shows, "Breaking Bad." I really take that show to heart,....I get so emotional,....the characters are so familiar to me,....and we still have to wait three more months for "Burn Notice" to start again. All our favorite shows. How boring are we? But that's how I like it. Uneventful. That's when life is good,...when everything is just going. How 'bout that? I sound a little happy. I shouldn't even say that,....I might jinx it.

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