Monday, March 8, 2010

From good to missing everything

Another week over, and another one starting. Yep. Not even the Oscars can excite me. (Well maybe seeing "Babs" present for best director.) Yea, that excited me. EVERYTIME I see her on anything,...I get emotional. She was my parents favorite, and my father's favorite. I remember when I was very young, I would sit and cuddle with my dad and we would listen to the"My Name is Barbara" album, and we'd sing along to every song. Those were such great, happy memories. My parents missed TWO Broadway performances of "Funny Girl" because of me! (my mom had many problems when she was pregnant w/ me. Sorry mom!) I think when they finally got to go and see it, I was very happy in my mom's stomach. I had to come out early to learn who this Barbara Streisand was!~and I've loved her since! She sings, and I get emotional, she talks, -I get emotional, she just stands there,-I'm emotional! I guess you get it. So, say the least,...nothing else new. Munky and I have been going on some great walks out in the yard. She LOVES to "go outside". She even knows what I mean when I say it. She meows as soon as I ask her. (My little sweetie.) I think I depend on her, more than she ever will on me. She is my lil girl, she curls up next to me when I go to bed,...she sits up on the bathroom counter when I take a shower, she naps at my feet when I sit w/ the computer,....and believe me,....first thing when I wake up, and last thing before I go to bed, I look at her and fall in love w/ her even more if it's possible. Even Sugar has been visiting more and more, which REALLY makes me happy. He's still grumpy w/ me, but at least he comes by. I will ALWAYS adore him. I finally got the hang of using the video camera on my Blackberry, and got some of the cutest moments of Sugar and Munky together. She was trying to flirt w/ him. So cute. Yeah, I'm in a corny mood as you can tell. It all started w/ seeing "Babs" tonight. I get so wistful, and I'll never stop missing everyone,......

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