Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is this world getting crazier or what?

Life is still piling up on me (us here,) as it is I guess for everyone. How do people deal? How? And to make matters worse?.....have you read about the Causeway Cannibal down here? I know the area, been there more than once.Not far from where I grew up,....Is that disgusting and DISTURBING???OR WHAT??? What is the matter with people? Is this world getting crazier by the day?! I just can't handle it, does everyone else? Is it just me? I feel like it is,....everyone else that I read on their blogs just seems like,,la, laaaa. Maybe I let things bother me too much. Maybe I'm too sensitive. (Altho towards people I'm getting colder and colder by the day.) Maybe I just don't belong down here in South Florida anymore. I don't feel like it's my 'home'. I've been here my whole life, and loved it when I was a kid, and growing up, and even as a teenager, but since moving out of Coconut Grove,(which was no picnic area either,) things have just gone downhill fast. Moved to Lauderdale-by-Sea, which you would think was a nice area, but you'd be surprised. They are all  just older, wealthier crooks and idiots, who can cover their tracks better because they have money. Really. You'd be shocked at what goes on in some of these high end condos, and the crap people have to deal with and ultimately put up with.Condo Commandos. Never again. Never. I don't care if it's oceanfront, and GIVEN to us, NEVER AGAIN. I will not live in any kind of high rise condo ever. Even the really nice one we bought across the street that was only ten units,(to rent out, and/or have family stay at,) was a nightmare. So we do know firsthand. We were never problem people, we always followed all the the rules, never were late with payments, or special assessments,....but the things we had to deal with, would never have believed. Okay,....enough. I give. I'll shut up now. On a different note,....remember my ducks? Well the one that is still alive? Squeakers I call her. Well,....she's now sitting on a nest right in the bushes of the front door of my work. She's stayed close. So I keep saying I'm going to be a grandmother. She is so sweet. I've been feeding her and giving her fresh water everyday. She won't leave her nest. I feel so bad. Last time she had ducklings Big Boy was here with her, and helped her, and kept the few chicks that survived alive. (Two out of thirteen lived thanks to Big Boy protecting them all.) I don't know how to help her without her little hubby around. I am trying to get in contact with a place called Duck Haven, and hopefully will be able to relocate her to someplace safe. I'm sure gonna try. Enough. I'm going to watch the finale of 'Blue Bloods' and 'The Hatfields and McCoys'. One minute I'll be laughing and the next crying. Just like in real life.

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