Thursday, May 24, 2012

A bunch of Nothing

Decided to take off an extra two days from work, (so I've had a nice 4 days off filled with nothing but my husband, making dinner, playing with Munky and Sugar, and watching the hockey playoffs and many, many naps. Loving it.) I go back to work tomorrow, and start fresh. It's what I needed,...I think I was heading for a big breakdown. Things were getting to be too much for me and my husband. For the exception of today, it's been rainy, dark and windy here for three of the four days I've been off which is more than fine with me. I love dark, rainy days. More of an excuse to lay in bed, watch some TV, and cuddle with my hubby and kittehs.(Wait til we get dogs. :) cant wait for that.) Anyhow~ really stressing about our condo not being sold yet.  Haven't heard anything back from that production company either. Oh well. Been watching alot of House Hunters on HGTV,....I'm addicted. So is my husband. We see all the beautiful places that could be ours, and then we watch House Hunters International, and really go crazy. I think I want to move to Medira, Mexico. I saw THREE gorgeous, gorgeous homes that these guys got to chose from, and there was NO WAY they could go wrong with any of them. (And if you watch the show, you know there is usually only one house that fits all the criteria that the people are looking for.) All THREE were drop dead gorgeous, and I really want to go look at the two homes they didn't get. I'm serious. They were that gorgeous for only $200,000. Very nice. We could live in Mexico. I've been there a few times, but I would have to research that area. Believe me, I was SOOOOOO bowled over by those houses, I immediately wrote down the city, and the original air date of the show and wrote them an email. Haven't heard back from them either. So I have a bunch of nothing. Nothing. I can deal with it. I don't have a choice right? And I miss my duck.

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