Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Happy LATE Mother's Day everyone! Hope you had a great one! Us? We went to visit my mom up in Fort Pierce, and had a GREAT time. We went to her new condo, that she had totally redone to her taste, and it came out so comfy, home-y and really, really pretty. I think my mom is pretty happy and comfortable there. She really did it up nice,'s a very comfortable 2/2, with a sunroom, and you really can't get any better for the price she paid. She bought all new beds and nice firm mattresses, she got new wall mounted flat screen TVs in the living room and both bedrooms, new kitchen appliances, and I just felt so comfortable, like I'd been staying there for years. We bought her one of those Keurig coffee machines that she's been loving that my sister has, so now she has one. She loved it. (I think we are going to get one.) Anyways, had a great time, we (my hubby and I,) took her out to dinner Sat. evening and had Maine lobster. Love, - love, - love. Went home and we just relaxed and watched TV. Sunday we got up and went to breakfast at this neighborhood diner my mom's been wanting to go to, and had a really nice breakfast,...and we dropped my husband off at the condo and my mom and I went furniture shopping, and to a few stores she wanted to show things to me for the condo. It was fun,....and late afternoon we went to my sister's house and had dinner there, and watched my nieces prom video (which was the night before,) and played with all the animals, and just basically all sitting around talking, looking at pictures, and having plain ole' fun,-which I love! My sister and her husband have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 chickens/roosters, and two fish. I LOVE going there. It's so always happy times there. Anyways~ came home late last night, and my hubby is at the doctors already doing his blood work, and I'm getting ready to start some laundry. Yep. We're home.(But SO HAPPY to be home and see our kitteh kids.)

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