Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How boring am I?

My last post got deleted and somehow all I got out of the whole thing was the P.S. Oh well. And I was trying to post from my Ipad,....so screwy. Who knows. Working lots still. Last night my SIL came over and we had a nice snack-dinner of bagels, locks, and Canadian turkey bacon, fresh tomatoes and onions, and it was great. I love doing stuff like that for dinner. Something different. Watched the hockey playoffs,...which we've been doing since it started. I love hockey playoff time. The best. Anyways~still no solid offers on our beach condo. None. Very sad. I have to realize that it's going to take some time before we actually move,-for real,- and quit whining about it all the time. Yes,-we know I want to move, yes,-I know it's going to be awhile, so just shut it, and I'm going to. The weather here has been rainy and very windy for days now. Not conducive to taking the kittehs out for their walks. Poor little Munk,...tried taking her two nights ago, but once she felt the rain,and saw the wind, she ran right back in with Sugar right behind her! So cute. What else? Not selling anything on EBay right now and for awhile. I tried selling this Louis Vuitton denim satchel I have, and people are just so annoying about it. I priced it about $50 lower than the others for a starting bid, and I had all sorts of people 'watching' it, and no bids. This went on for about 5 times,....I kept relisting it, and relisting it. This last time I received about 6 different messages thru EBay asking if I would sell the bag for LESS money than I listed it for! Now how does that make sense to you? How? I relisted it again after numerous people asked me to, and nothing again,...so I'm going to give up for awhile. I'll relist it when I'm good and ready to deal with idiots asking stupid questions. Wow. Just like at work. You just can't get away from it, can you? I'm still taking care of my ducks at work, and all sorts of people giving me grief about it. BITE ME people.BITE ME is all I can say. For Mother's Day I'm taking off four days from work, and two of 'em I'm spending at my mom's, can't wait. She has already moved into her new place, and went on a little vacation to New York to see some friends for  a week. She's even planning a cruise in September to go to New England and then up thru Canada. How I would LOVE that. My husband keeps telling me to go with her, but I'm not sure, she has it all planned and bought and paid for with her friend Marjorie, and I don't want to barge in. I'll talk with her and feel her out when we go up there. So~nothing else exciting going on here. I guess I'll sign off now. How boring am I?

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