Monday, May 7, 2012

You wonder why I hate people so much

Back again,...I know I've been more sporadic than usual here. Everything is kicking my ass. Life in general, and I have it easier than most. Anyways~I have to get something off my chest that's been bothering me for years and years since I've been with my husband, and it may be stupid or not important to y'all, but it is to me, here goes. My husband is about 6', and weighs 275 lbs, and extremely muscular, he's lifted weights since he was 12 years old, and he's 51 right now. Well,- he's been going thru some health problems lately and found out his hemoglobin was too high, and in order to get this surgery he needs to get, his hemoglobin has to come down. So he's been going to get blood taken out,(not the proper term I know, but I don't know the proper way to say it,) and he's been going twice a week, for almost three months now. Well, let me tell you, they see my husband with the muscles, and he has tattoos, and they think 'this man can feel no pain' and they just start jabbing him with needles with no thought of if it is hurting him or anything. Yes, even big musclemen feel pain, and it's not fun or pretty. He has been coming home with these horrendous bruises from where they draw his blood. THIS IS FROM PEOPLE WHO DO THIS FOR A LIVING!!! WTF?!  I want to kill them it's pissed me off so bad. He won't even let me go with him to talk with someone about it. I have been fuming and we've been arguing/discussing this since the third week he's been going. I want to rip someone's head off at this place. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. I remember when we worked at the bar together, and he was the bouncer/doorman, and some a#*h&%e sucker punched him and broke his nose,...I was in the office on break, and he very calmly came in with blood gushing down his shirt. I flipped out, almost threw-up, and ran to my mgr. The owner and mgr. ran back with me to the office and they wanted to take him to the ER right than and there but he was like no, I just need a drink, and proceeded to crack it back into place. The grossest thing I ever heard and saw. We all we grossed out, and he didn't blink an eye. He had problems breathing though from than on. It happened a second time too, and eventually we had to take him to a specialist, and we did. This ASSHOLE idiot doctor said, 'wow, your a big guy, how did this happen?' and he told him and they said they had to re-break his nose and set it right. Let me tell you, this asshole doctor was so intimidated by my husband that he said to him,'big man like you doesn't need any anesthesia, this won't hurt someone like you one bit', and proceeded to put two steel rods up his nostrils, and snapped his nose like a chiropractor does to your neck when he's trying to crack it. I was so appalled, and disgusted, I couldn't talk about it for days. No warning, nothing. I think I must've been in shock for real. Now two years ago my husband had to get a double hernia surgery in his stomach taken care of. Oh-we went to what we thought was one of the best places around, the Cleveland Clinic in Weston,FL. Let me tell you, I've never seen such a circus of medical idiots all condensed into one building. That's all that is. We made the appt., he had the surgery, and right after the anesthesiologist gave him the anesthesia and told him to count to ten, my husband was still awake and heard the surgeon say 'I want some naked ass cheeks on that table!'  The anesthesiologist looked down and realized my husband was still awake, and said ' the amount of stuff I gave you would bring a horse down', and gave him some more and he finally went out for the surgery,...but gawd, does it really have to be like that? REALLY? It's pissing me off more and more every time it happens. And now with this blood thing going on,....another doctor said to him something about his size and how he must not feel pain like everyone else. REALLY? This is a licensed medical doctor we are talking about saying this to someone. I want to kill this man with my bare hands. Now my husband won't let me go with him to any medical thing he has to do, because he knows I ain't putting up with this shit, and yeah, I'm livid about it. Maybe I'm just being overprotective about him because he's my husband, and I want to baby him,-which he hates when I do,- but still. Pissing me off these people. You wonder why I hate them all.

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