Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well, computer is barely working. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. Get it fixed, get a new one,....ask Santa for one?!!! I can't live without a computer or my magazines that I read endlessly everyday and night;InStyle,Allure,Lucky,and People StyleWatch. I guess I'm weird,(at least my husband thinks so.) We get into it when I save so many magazines that they hit the ceiling practically and then I go thru them, rip pages out of stuff I like/want/covet and then he finally can throw them out. He found this out one time when he threw some of my mags out without me going thru them (and saying goodbye and ripping out my pages first,) and I about went into convulsions. Never again did he try doing that,-TRUST ME. Anyways,~ I went shopping before work yesterday, and this is how I KNOW I'm getting old; I found some shoes that I fell in love with and had to have and they are by,-get ready for this,-Easy Spirit!!! My first Easy Spirit shoes. OMG. I'm old now. BUT they are so cute, I HAD to have them. (Especiallly when I passed up some Jeffrey Campbell platform clogs on sale to get the Easy Spirits. Yep,-I'M OLD.)I think I actually scared myself yesterday with this shoe stuff. So~ getting ready to do some cardio,...and then off to work. Yick. Why can't we all just not have to work? Just be able to spend endless time with family and friends, and KITTEHS?

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