Monday, November 29, 2010

All by lonesome

Well,-I don't sit well when I feel like I waste my days off. I somehow had Sunday and Monday off from work, and all I got done was getting an eye exam. Yes,-it was on 'my list' of things to do, but I really thought I would get alot more done. I took Munky out for a walk, but she really wasn't interested in being outside. (Besides, our obnoxious neighbor was slamming things around in their backyard, and it scared her. Idiots.) SO! Came home after my eye exam because my eyes were dialated so much I couldn't go anywhere due to not seeing. (You know it's bad when I won't try shopping!) Just came home and sat like a lump in front of the TV, computer, and vegetated. Played with Munky, and even she got too tired. So here I am,...still in front of the computer, with my husband watching Monday Night Football. (I could do without any TV on at all, but he likes it.) I really prefer quiet. I like to just relax in the quiet. I NEVER have the sound on on my computer even. NEVER. #1-it scares the kittehs, #2-it annoys the crap outta me with all the weird little noises,...shall I go on? And NOW, computer is not working altogether great, internet security expired and I need help on downloading (or is it uploading?) the right thing and all,....I'm so computer-illiterate. I'm lucky I'm on here writing. Anything I do know how to do was all done by trial and error by me learning all by my lonesome. Yep. Lil ole' me. And on that note, I'm on my way to doing some shopping on the internet in my jammies. I'll be back soon.

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