Monday, December 13, 2010

Wake me up when it's over

I had such high hopes for this day off and the entire day totally sucked. If it coulda went wrong, it did. I just have to vent. Had to report to my probation officer today,(what a joke,) and she wanted to drug test me. I couldn't pee. I sat there for five goddamn hours, and finally went. I was steaming. Just the way I wanted to spend my day, NOTHING ELSE DONE. Nothing. I'm honest-to-god-hating-life right now. To top it off, I went to the grocery store on my way home and went shopping and my husband had to make a stupid comment that totally set me off. I just ended up taking Munky for a walk, and even she got all cranky on me. Came in and just cried my eyes out, outta pure frustration, and aggravation. I hate everything and everyone right now. I have no patience, nor do I care right now about anything at all. I swear to you, my life totally sucks, and nothing but nothing makes me happy. When my husband AND Munky piss me off on top of the day I already had, I just can't take it, and want to just totally shut down. Totally. I want to just go to sleep, but my husband's sister is coming over, and I'm not happy 'bout it. So I can't just go in and go to sleep. Yup, life sucks right now. Totally,...and nothing is helping. Actually sleep will,-just sleep.

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