Monday, December 6, 2010

Maybe, - maybe not

Worked ALL DAY today, and hated life. Came home and happily took Munky for a walk. The weather is gorgeous out, (in the 50's and breezy.) At one point when we were just relaxing in the grass together Sugar snuck up on us and sat on his perch of roof tile. Then a few minutes later Stripe joined us, and all hell broke loose. Not fun at that point. Stripe likes Munky, and Munky likes Sugar, and Sugar likes NO ONE. (Altho I do think he's a little sweet on Munky but just won't give in.)When we leave them in the house alone, we come home and they are always asleep in our bed,...not cuddled up together, but there. So I know they don't dislike each other.(Believe me,-with cats, if they don't like each other, they would never even stay in the same room together,-TRUST ME on that.)SO~my computer still sucks pretty much,...tomorrow I'm going to try to have someone look at it, and hopefully get something done. I'd like to be able to download (upload?) pictures again,....sell stuff on eBay again, etc. I can't even get on my email right now. My computer just keeps working and working and absolutely NOTHING happens. Nothing. So my husband came home from the casino and won $600!!! Nice. Very nice. So we went and ate at Dennys,....couldn't find anything else open at this time of night, and didn't want to go to a bar, so that was fine. (I could eat breakfast anytime, all the time.) Yumm. I have the next two days off, and I have a big, ole' smile on my face, and will be doing a happy dance in my head when I lay down to go to sleep tonight. Yay me. Other than that,...I'll get back to you. Munky and I will be napping nicely,...thanks,.....'night.

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