Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long day today, and another one to look foward to tomorrow. Doctor's appointment and then work. Whoop-ee. I did get to the gym tho, and will be going tomorrow too before the doctor. Looooonnnngggg day tho,.....NOT looking foward to it. I just want it over with. I'm not off until next Monday. Ugh. Don't ya just feel like your on a hamster wheel sometimes? Go to work, go to the gym, come home, cook dinner, do some laundry, play with kitties, go to bed. Get up and start all over again,....day after day, after day. OMG. Does it ever end? Things just seem so pointless sometimes. Would it be any different if we lived in Canada? (I always think it will be SSSSSSSSOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER.) Right now my husband is a little peeved at me because Sugar wouldn't come in all day today, and it stormed out really bad. He won't come in because of Munky and now we don't know what to do. We already talked to the neighbor who's house he's been staying at. They love him so much too, (thank god.) They brush him, and he sleeps in their bed with them even,....(like he used to do with us.) I miss him so much, and so does my husband, that's why he's upset. I don't know what to do tho. We can't get rid of Munky,-I love her too so much,....I'm just torn. Maybe thats why I'm feeling so unsettled. I don't know.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Sorry about your kitties - sometimes they just never get along, but learn to tolerate the other.

Stupid question....I get the impression from your posts your husband isn't working....if so, why isn't he cooking or doing laundry? Wouldn't this make your life easier.

Btw, Niagara on the Lake is a quaint town and probably expensive. I would want Nova Scotia as well. I wasn't sure how expensive they would be.

angelsroy33 said...

No, my husband isn't working,(he doesn't have to financially,) and he does do laundry and some cooking and cleaning,but he gets a little cranky when he does it all, ya know? I found a real nice place in New Brunswick that is really affordable but I think it's primarily french-speaking, which would put us at a disadvantage living there. I'll keep looking tho. :)

Oh, and I'll keep my fingers crossed about the kitties "tolerating" each other. I'm really hoping.