Sunday, September 13, 2009

And another day

My husband is watching football today,...Munky's watching the backyard,(and very talky about it!), and I just made a big breakfast for us, and getting ready to do some housework. It's a good day so far. Off for the next two days, and SO HAPPY about it. Sometimes I feel so content, -it's scary. We had a really nice young couple look at our condo on the beach, and I think they might actually rent it.(The first people who have looked at it too!) What a big financial load that will be off our minds. The other place across the street from the beach is still empty. (Hopefully the realtor is getting some bites on it.) Wanting to go to the mall tomorrow while Munky is at the vet, but it's too far, and I wanna be close by. I'm anxious about dropping her off,...her little life in someone else's hands scares me to death. I know for a fact that this place is very good tho, I shouldn't worry, but I will regardless. I love her so much. She's like my child. So,....that's about my day in a nutshell,-housework, laundry, Munky and my husband. (And hopefully seeing Sugar if he comes by.) :(
I'm so exciting, aren't I? I guess I am getting old,........

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