Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ramblin' on,....

Wow, I just realized this is my 101st post. That makes me an official blogger I guess. I really love this blog. It helps me so much to write what I'm going thru and how I feel. I guess everyone feels like that, that's why they do it. Well,......I'm hanging out with little Munky. I am working a short, late shift today because I have too many hours this week, and they don't want me to have more overtime. (I can definitely deal with that.) Munky is looking out into our backyard that is surrounded by beautiful palm trees,...(you can't even see the neighbors around us,'s great.) She loves staring out there and watching the birds drink outta the pool, and the lizards run across the deck. She is a happy kitty finally. This Monday I'm bringing her to get spayed, and have all her shots done, and all her feline tests done. I'm very excited,....she will be all good then. I finally got her to wear a collar. (I got her a little pink breakaway one,-she hated it at first,...but she stopped trying to get it off FINALLY.) I also bought her a leash and harness, but she hates that too. I have to keep trying tho, and I will. I don't want her to be an outdoor cat, but I want to be able to take her for walks at least. Sooooo, two weeks, my sister and niece are going to my mom's in Key Largo, and I'm going to try to meet them there. I already got it off from work,,....I just gotta figure out if my husband wants to go or not. I'm really looking foward to it. (Altho NOT looking foward to being away from Munky.) I was thinking about taking her,...but she still doesn't like car rides,---so no, I can't. Other than that, nothing else new with me,-still getting sick to my stomach tho. Called the doc, and she said to wait and see if I get used to the new medication. Isn't that fun. Meanwhile, everything I eat, I throw-up, clockwork. Even last night at work, I got WonTon soup, and drank the broth only,....up it came an hour later. Ya think I could at least be losing some weight thru this at least?! NOOOOOO. Nothing good like that could happen. So,....I'm done for today. My random thoughts, and ramblings.

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merelyme said...

Has anyone asked?! Are you...???!!!?! ;)

With all the stress you are under no wonder!