Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stormy nappy day.

Today was (to me) a great day. I did absolutely nothing, and I loved every minute of it. It stormed most of the day,...and I sat in Monkey's room with her and she cleaned herself to sleep in my lap. It's the very first time she has ever done that, and I almost cried. She is such a sweet little thing. She just wants to be near someone. All she wants is companionship, and someone to pet her, and play with her. She was calm, and love-y. Anyhow,....we had 'severe storm warnings' all over South Florida, so it was ideal for napping and laying around in our jammies. I didn't get dressed until almost 9pm when I ran to the grocery store to buy toothpaste,(because we were totally out, and I CANNOT live without brushing my teeth a few times a day!) So,...my husband went off to his weekly poker game, I'm sitting here with Monkey laying on her pillow next to me as I write, and Sugar is in the back patio sitting in his little bed. He loves to be outside. I've never seen a cat enjoy the outdoors so much,....and the last three days or so, we have had 'severe heat warnings,' and we let him out as little as possible. He just likes to sit and be out in the air, I guess,(what little there is of it with this humidity.) I'm doing laundry as we speak. Ya know,....sometimes I wonder how people survive now-a-days. There is just too much stress on people for every little thing. I can barely keep up with just my husband and I, Sugar, and a kitten. (I guess all the legal stuff doesn't help either.) How do people cope? I either shop endlessly,....eat sugar until I'm literally sick to my stomach, or not eat at all, and sleep. It's no wonder I can't keep a thought in my head long enough to say it! Oh well,....we all have our 'things', right?

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