Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Better Time Now

I am feeling better. I always get more emotional and stressed whenever we have to go to court. We went this past Friday, and the prosecutor didn't show up. So,....another date was set, and we wait, and worry til the next one comes and drives us crazy.And I start all over again. Sorry you-all. Other than that, nothing else new with me. No new eBay stuff either. (I haven't been in the mood,-now you know I'm out of it, when I don't feel like shopping!) Anyhow, little Monkey is doing great,....we let her out of her room a few times a day when Sugar isn't inside. She gets so excited and runs like a child from room to room, smelling and touching everything. She is adorable. But if Sugar meows and wants in, the little one has to go back in her room, and play. (I usually will go in there so she knows she isn't being punished. I don't want her feeling like that.) So,-so far,-so good. She's very mischievous tho,....she makes me feel like I'm watching a child. It's quite funny actually. My husband finds it adorable. He had no idea a kitten could be so fun, but such work at the same time. THATS why I know he would adore a dog. Our kitties follow him around the house, (both of them!) and even run to him when they are scared. It's the cutest thing to see. Really,...this big, muscled, tattoo'd man, with these sweet kitties running to him and hiding behind him. Too cute! Anyhow~thanks for everyone's concerns,....just bear with me, and when this is all over, I will somehow be a better, stronger person for it. I sure will have some story to tell,-that's for sure. (I can't talk about it all now, because everything is still pending and going on,-if ya know what I mean.) So,...I'm off to play with little Monkey, and I have tomorrow off THANKFULLY.) I'll write more this week. And I'm loving watching 'Burn Notice' again. Makes me happy,happy, happy. (Besides, Sam is HOT and so is Fi. Love them. Gives me incentive. Something has to.)

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Little Ms Blogger said...

Funks definitely suck, but am happy to hear you're feeling better.