Thursday, June 25, 2009


What an unbelievable sad day it is. I watched the 12noon news today before going to work, and was so sad to hear that Farrah Fawcett had died. I loved her on Charlie's Angels as a kid. She was the exact opposite of what I looked like, but I wanted to look like her at all costs, and tried my damned-est! I didn't understand at that age that it just would never be. I kept thinking if I straightened my hair, put Sun-In in it, bought the same outfits, I could somehow look like that. Little did I know just how much EVERYONE wanted to look like that. So horribly sad. And you might find this kinda odd, but when she posed in Playboy years later when she turned 50 I think it was, I was out like a shot to buy it. I had to have it. She mesmerized me still years later seeing how beautiful she was in that pictorial. And then while I was at work, a customer nonchalantly told me that Michael Jackson had just died. I had no idea he was sick, in the hospital, or having any kinda health problems. Jeez, I was kinda embarassingly stunned. I really thought she was joking it was so far-fetched to me. But sure enough, a minute later on the radio, they announced it. I sat there numb, and shell-shocked. All the great memories of him, could he just be gone?-just like that? So sad,....I remember waiting all day to see 'Thriller' in it's entirety on MTV. I loved it! I wanted to be Ola Ray,...walking down the street with him singing to me. Seeing him dance put me in awe. I never got to see him live, but seeing him perform on TV was so exciting, he always had a new, cool, dance move. ALWAYS. Forgetting all the other crap people have to bring up about him, I chose to remember the things that made me smile and happy watching him. What an inspiring performer he was. I will truly miss both of them. Rest In Peace.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I grew up with Charlie Angels although I had the lighter hair, I wanted to be Kelly.

When I heard MJ died, I was shocked. I didn't know he was even back in the States and a heart attack. Wow.

My sister reminded me that he still has the best selling album of all times and she also told me he died with over $400 million in debt. OUCH...

crazy4danes said...

What a day it was! So sad! It was almost a relief for me though to hear of Farrah's death...since she has been going through such a hard battle with cancer! Michael Jackson's death was a complete shock though!