Monday, January 5, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better?

Well,-you know how it is when you get going with stuff?, a house with work being done? Well,---with all the aggravation,disagreements,and scheduling, all has been going fairly smooth,-since New Years Eve,-(yes, they even worked the day of New Years Eve.Surprise,surprise.)But that doesn't last for long in my world,(-as I have learned. Murphys Law,-right?)Today,....the wonderful F.P.& L. decided we weren't worthy of electricity,...and after two frantic phone calls,much yelling between my husband and I,(who's fault it was,)and me crying and raging, it was straightened out,...but getting it on in a 'timely manner' when you have contractors,plumbers,floor installers, and electricians working by the hour,just doesn't bode well with our bank account. Are you kidding me?! It was their fault,(they admitted it was a 'computer error', so no one could really be blamed,-right?) It ruined my entire day. I actually tossed-my-cookies as soon as I jumped out of the truck,-right in our front yard! My little kitty,(Sugar) was there anxiously waiting for us in the driveway. My poor little peanut could feel the vibes from a mile away! (He ran under the car immediately.) :( To make a long story short,.....we got to the house about 2:30-3 o'clock, and left there at 8pm, and the electric STILL hadn't been turned on. WTF! (sorry.) I'm just so aggravated, and hating life, I want to pound someone,(preferrably someone at FP&L.) I really understand how people just go off. I swear. And now-a-days, how do people even make it financially? How? I went to Home Depot, AND Lowes,-just for baseboards,and it was going to cost us $500!!! We are talking BASEBOARDS people, NOT gold fixtures. (The house is only 1600 SQ.FT. We are NOT talking a mansion here.) ?????? That is the only 'decorative' bonus I wanted for the house,....BASEBOARDS. Can SOMEONE PLEASE explain this all to me? PLEASE, because it really doesn't get any better than this.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh girl it sounds like the renovation process is a little more frustrating than neceassary. I am no where near owning my own home, but when I do I think I'll steer clear of major changes due to all of the horror stories I have heard. Good luck!