Saturday, January 10, 2009

Almost a kitty

Well,...sat at the house today, waiting for the second half of our kitchen cabinets to be delivered. Wouldn't you know it?! Saturday morning, right? They said they would be there between 10 and 10:30AM. Of course I was there by 9:45,...and waiting,...and waiting, and waiting. I called them by 11:45, and they said they would be there within an hour, and that their truck had broke down, and they were waiting for someone to come fix it. Well, let's just say about FOUR HOURS later, there they were!-bringing in cabinets,-FINALLY. If we hadn't already paid for them, and REALLY NEED THEM, I would have told them to get lost! Oh well. I was STILL happy. Ended up sitting in a empty house,(nice and peacefully quiet too,) with no A/C, and no TV on,no radio on,(which is more than fine with me,) and hung out with my best buddy,(my kitty Sugar Man.) We had a ball!!! Ate,napped,played, ate some more, napped some more,played some more...and that was just me!!!(I was just about as close to being a kitty as I could get today. It was great.) I got good quality time with my little guy. Much needed on both our parts. I came back (grumpily) to our highrise condo around 8pm. (Just in time for the second NFL game that my husband was glued to!!! )Wish I was still there with my little Man.

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