Friday, January 30, 2009

How boring can I get?

This is the first time in a long time, that I have nothing to 'bitch' about, or even something good to tell ya. The last few nights have been great, and very trying at the same time. I LOVE having my kitty around all the time,....and I LOVE this house,......but not having it set up gets old after awhile. We have been searching for a countertop, and therefore, we don't have a sink, it's kinda hard to cook, so we have been eating all our meals out,......and that makes my husband and I VERY GROUCHY. Once in awhile, it's great,.....but it's hard on our stomachs, and wallet. Today I have a job interview,....nothing major,...just a job finally. (It will take my mind off of our 'legal' problems,) and give me money to not feel guilty spending! We have an upcoming court date that is hanging over our heads,...the first of many,...and I don't know what to expect,....VERY WORRIED about that. Anywho, I said,.....yesterday we went and looked at countertops,...granite always wins hands down with me,'s just the matter of what color, and who will give us the best deal. BOR-ING, I know. Sorry,....this is my life right now. I can't crack on drivers w/ cellphones, 'cause I'm not driving back-n-forth now, boring can I get? (Altho,~if I get this job, I will have alot of fodder to work from.) Trust me on that. I'll let ya'll know. Maybe I'll go shopping and try on clothes that don't fit me anymore because I stopped working-out for the last six months due to said legal problems, which caused us to move back to our condo, which made me insane, and took up every waking thought as to how to get back at my neighbors for slamming doors, hammering, drilling, and bouncing off the hallway doors as the leave their apartments. (Yes, I secretly, and sometimes not so secretly plot my revenge.) Not to mention, once all that happened, my every waking thought was to put our house back together, and move back here to STAY. Which we have successfully done now, (seven months later.) But at what price? I have (literally) aged before my family's eyes, I have (literally) gained just about 30 pounds,(which looks like even more on someone who is only 5foot.) Cut 8 inches of hair off in a tizz about being tired all the time,....and has to make herself TRY to look presentable to the world when my husband and I go out anywhere. Now that I'm here in the house, I am going to start weight training again. (First time I haven't trained this long since I was 21.) Kinda scary. I've turned into one of those 43 year old women who looks like she doesn't give a crap. And I don't right now. But for my husband and kitty's sake, I will do better, (and my family.) I have to, my health will be taking a turn for the worse if I keep going like this. (My blood pressure is high, along w/ my cholesterol.) Never had that before. I don't see shopping today,...maybe just a long nap w/ my kitty, and some Girl Scout cookies from my next-door-neighbors,........

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