Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want to be invisible

I've had a very rough day for reasons I can't explain. My life is SO MESSED UP right now,....both mine and my husband's. Sometimes I just need to be alone, and I haven't been for two days now, and I think I'm going to explode. (I'm not kidding.) I need some alone time with my kitty, and some quiet,....and I will be aligned again. Today, all we have gotten done, was going to Ikea. I swear, I just want to get moved into our house, and that will be half my battle with all the 'bad' going on in our life. I would be in our house, with our awesome neighbors,(they are really considered family at this point!-believe me.)AND,....I would be with my kitty 24/7. Now THAT would make me happy. (I mean all the stuff wouldn't be gone,...we still have 'stuff' hanging over our heads,-big time,)...but being w/ my little buddy would help me so much. I know it sounds really ridiculous,...but I have a very special relationship, and connection w/ this little guy. He keeps me sane, now, when I need it the most. (It helps my husband if I'm sane, so he can go flying off the handle!!!Believe me when I say this,....)....I wish I was kidding,.....I'll keep you posted.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your love for your kitty is too cute. It is great to have something in your life that you know will always be there to provide a sense of sanity! I have a dog that just seems to wash all of my problems away. Stay positive and happy! The move will happen soon!!

April said...

I hope it all gets better for you.

angelsroy33 said...

OMG! Thanks to you both Sarah Elizabeth, and April, you two are my very FIRST comments ever on my blog!!! Wow, feels pretty good to have someone read anything I have written. Thanx you two!