Friday, January 23, 2009

It's the Little Things

I swear,...the day is finally here that we are getting our new A/C installed, (which to my husband means we can start staying here now!) Thank the Lord!!! Ya'll have NO IDEA what this has been doing to me. I have been so depressed and sick-to-my-stomach just about everyday. The only thing that has helped is that one of my favorite TV shows started their new season last night,(Burn Notice) and I so LOVE that show. Anyone who has watched will know when I say that I want to be Fi (Fiona) when I (finally) grow-up! And if I had a GIRLFRIEND,(yes, like that) it would definitely be her, (or P!nk), because I think they are hot, and awesome! Anyways,......the other things going on is,...I've been trying to get myself some sort of PC that I can have with me without lugging my laptop around,...(I know, how spoiled can we all get?)......and I got a HP Jornada on Ebay,...can't get it to sync with my laptop,....I got an ITouch for X-mas from my best friend, it shuts down and the screen freezes when I try to download Navigation stuff,(yes, I went to the Apple store, and they 'supposedly' fixed it, I got home, and started to download that again, and the same thing happened!Frozen.) I mean it's just one thing after another,....does anyone else have these little mishaps or what? All this just SUCKS. I actually got so frustrated last night, I actually cried. Is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard? I felt so stupid too, my husband didn't know what to do w/ me. On a brighter note,....this past Weds. was my husband and I's 18-year anniversary of our first date! Now that we are married, (only for 3 years,) we celebrate that one, but I couldn't resist, and got him a card and a little gift,...he was very surprised, and touched, which made it all worth it. (He is the best thing that ever happened to me,-besides my kitty.) In every day life sometimes I forget how good I have it, (no matter what is hanging over our heads legally,) and I take little things for granted that at the end of the day I kick myself for. So I'm trying to always appreciate everything we have, and do, (and don't have to do,) that has been the last few days. Yep,....exciting, ain't it? More on moving tomorrow,-whoo-hoo.(Can't wait for that.)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Well good for you to find the silver lining! Y'all are too cute!

merelyme said...

I was "this close" to crying over work yesterday. Crazy! "Porting" cell phone numbers this summer? Not. Even. Funny. Good side is that I didn't have to pay for three months of use. That didn't make it "worth it" but made up for the pain and aggravation.
AIR CONDITIONING? Where is the fire-place? Freezing our butts off here! Ha. It is a toasty thirty degrees now!