Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Home again,~FINALLY.

After all this time,...my first night in the new house will be tonight. I cannot wait,....my husband FINALLY set up our bed, and the first thing our kitty did was lie down and cuddle up to me and take a nap. Now that's what I call a "Welcome Home" present!!! I napped for about two hours with him all cuddled up in a ball leaning right on me,.....happy,happy,happy. My husband can't decide whether he wants to stay here tonight or not. I told him, with or without him, I'm staying. It's just too comfortable and quiet here. (Makes me very calm, and soothes me to be here in the house.) This morning I was getting ready to come here, and I was putting make-up on, I could hear someone drilling away,...made me want to pull the ears off my head and jump up-and-down on them!!! It didn't stop for almost half an hour,....(it was 8:30 AM damn it!),...woke my husband up and put me in a rather cranky,crabby mood until I left, (and my husband went back to sleep. How, I don't know,because it started up again when I walked out the door.) Heard it all the way down the hall and in the elevator, and to my car!!! Tear. Ears. Off! It was worse when we both worked at night (untill 6AM,) and we'd come home, and drilling, hammering, banging, slamming would be going on, I just about wanted to kill EVERYONE. Then we got a noise machine(?), and ear plugs, and it helped, but I can't sleep with earplugs,....makes me feel too vulnerable. (The same with those eye thingy masks.) Can't do it.
Anyhow~so here I am,...getting ready to paint some trim,...getting the couches cleaned tomorrow,...putting the blinds up today,...and I'm back in business, and with my kitty,~most importantly! Yippee.

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merelyme said...

Yea! You will always remember this time for the next couple years anyhow. Enjoy and hug the gorgeous kitty.
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