Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm not in Kansas anymore

Well,...I haven't left the condo since I last posted. I've been sick to my stomach since, my nerves are shot, and I am emotional at the drop of a hat. (You'd think I was PMS-ing, but I'm not.) My husband has gone to the house since I haven't left here, to see Sugar. He loves to spend time with him as much as I do. (Thank god.) He never had animals growing-up,(his sisters had bad allergies,) and this little kitty has completely stolen his heart, and turns him into mush with one little chirp! (It's really funny to see this big, muscular, tatooed guy talking cute to our little pastel peanut.) I finally stressed to my husband how badly we just need to move back there, so I can be around our little guy. I think he gets it now. (We'll see when it's time to get things done tomorrow.) Anyways,...he has been taking such good care of me,...making me soup,...getting me ginger-ale,....calling my mom,....etc. I just hope we can be in our house by this time next week. I sat on my butt all day, watching the Cardinals beat the Eagles,(thank you lordy.) We are watching the second game now,...and waiting for chinese food to be delivered,...(I love Wonton soup when I'm not feeling good.) Tomorrow I'm going to get up as if nothing is wrong, and go to the house, finish painting, and call some more A/C people. My hubby said as soon as the A/C gets fixed, THATS when we can start moving in. I'll be on that so fast tomorrow again,...I WILL get it fixed whether I'm tossing cookies or not,---so help me.

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April said...

Good luck with the AC. I am a Cowboys fan and was sooo happy that the Eagles lost!!