Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank god for kittehs

This is what makes me happy all the time, and I need that whenever I can get it. My kittehs. Munky and Sugar are the little lights of my life. I love to watch them outside looking at lizards, or frogs, hiding in the bushes, or jumping in the air to catch a flying bug.Even in the house, when they are running, and playing tag,-they are adorable and amazing.I NEVER tire of watching them. I learn to be more patient from them. (They have the patience of a saint when they hunt.) I've learned to be quiet and listen,- silence can tell you a lot. To be more aware always. Yes, my kittys make me a better person believe it or not. I have learned from them, and in return I hope I've given them a better life, and all my love, and that in my little world, says a lot. My babies. Thank god for kittehs,...and ALL animals; the loves of my life.

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