Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chugging along

I'm off from work today, and it's very much needed. It's after 8pm, and I haven't even gotten outta my jammies. I did take the kittehs for a walk for a couple hours tho. I listed some things on eBay, and won an auction for a really cute sterling necklace that is a puffed gucci link. Very nice. So yeah, I feel okay right now. Watching the Panthers play the Wild. Good game, but it's only been one period, so we'll see how they do. It won't make or break my night if they win or lose.(I'm a Montreal Canadiens/Colorado Avalanche fan.) I just love to watch hockey, no problem there. (My husband's family always told me I'll fit right in, in Canada, every Saturday night it's Hockey Night in Canada on TV with Don Cherry who I love, so I'll be in heaven dere with dat.) I did do 45 mins. of cardio, and I'm glad I did,....I just can't find any energy right now to do anything. None. My husband just went to the gym, I have my two hours of quiet time with Munky. (Sugar went over to the neighbors house for his quiet time.) So right now, all is well. The sound is muted, lit a candle, and sitting here on the computer, with Munky laying out by the front door,...(which is open for her, with the screen door shut and double locked,) and I'm in my happy place right now. Ahhhhh. Nice. Quiet. Relaxing. I don't ask for much. I don't think I do at least. Anyways~ that's all my life going on today. Boring, boring, boring. But I do have this Sunday and Monday off, and I'm looking forward to it tremendously. Yay.

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