Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Condo living-NOT so great

Okay,-so here's another reason why I REALLY dislike condo living; we have had our condo freshly painted, and carpeted, and as a result our furniture there was all moved and covered to the middle of each room. Now remind you, we haven't lived there in years, and we do go there sometimes to go sit on the beach in the evening when the mood strikes us, so there is no warning when we do this. SO~we get to the condo yesterday, and we had already talked with our realtor who has asked us when she can start showing it, and we told her Feb.1st, being that the furniture will all be gone by then, and we went there yesterday to do some minor cleaning and packing of little things we had there still, that we wanted. Well-we figured out that as the day went on, we were missing numerous items. An office chair to our desk, two tool boxes in our hallway closet, a garbage can that fit into our kitchen cabinet pullout, and a beautiful three foot high glass vase with some fake calla lilies in it,....I mean it was one thing after another after another, we made a list, and emailed the condo office, and sure enough we called this morning and found out that the stuff was taken by the condo mgr. who let herself in when we weren't there, after she heard we were giving all our furniture away for donation. Can you believe that? Just let herself in?! That's a lawsuit right there,....I'm telling ya,....we were STEAMING MAD, but kept it civil,...but I just can't believe someone would think it's okay to do that, and think we wouldn't know. Just crazy,....people are desperate now-a-days I guess, but really?, a garbage can?,....I mean we wouldn't care but it fits in the holder in the cabinet, so we kinda want it, ya know? And the vase with the fake flowers in it was part of our wedding arrangements, just galls me, that's all,.......I'm just at the point now where I don't trust ANYONE at all. Never again with a condo,-asshole people. Keep proving me right when I say animals are so much above us; humans. Never cease to amaze me at how greedy, mean, stupid, and selfish we are.

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