Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm trying

I haven't been writing here like I used to. Life seems to be getting the better of me, and I'm having
a hard time coping. I feel overwhelmed. My job is running me over. Trying to get two places ready to sell is making me crazy. I guess I'm still depressed. My panic attacks are still there,....and I'm having problems driving to far places. I feel like I've digressed. One step forward, two steps back. I'm on the edge of going back to the gym to start lifting weights again, and maybe that will help a little bit. But I still haven't gone. Anyways~ hoping that we will be getting outta here by July, but selling a condo and a home right now will make or break that time frame. Still selling stuff on eBay. Lots of clothes, shoes, and bags. I just got a great deal on Ross-Simons on a beautiful black diamond station necklace. (Hey,- I really have to do something to make myself feel better somehow,-besides my kittehs. For real.) Day by day, our lives go by,.....and I wonder when we will start living it again. My friend told me about a place in Palm Beach that is a wildlife sanctuary that you can actually pet, hold, and play with big cat cubs. It's not how it sounds either. It's very safe, and controlled environment for people to learn about animals and big cats. The animals are free, but the people are not aloud to roam at will. I like that. People have a lot to learn from animals. (We are the ones that should be caged.) I'm hoping my husband and I will go soon. I'd adore to be able to hold and play with big cat cubs. That would just be so unbelievable to me. Believe me, if and when we go, pictures will be posted. Trust me on that. I'm chomping at the bit waiting to go. There just seems like there is always so much to be done here, and never time for the fun stuff. I mean, we watch movies, with the kittehs, cook dinners,....etc. and still we need more stuff to have fun, and feel like we are living. This house just makes us feel like prisoners in our own home. It really does. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Well,~ I have to do cardio before work, so I'm off. Hope everyone is having a great day, I'm going to try my hardest.

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