Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little bit of everything

Watched the game last night and I was ecstatic! I loved watching Tim Thomas play and win. (Almost as good as when I used to LOVE watching Patrick Roy play,-no one in sports has caught my eye until now.) No one is exciting to watch, no one has personality, no one has what it takes to stand out and take a chance, like Patrick Roy did,.....until now. Tim Thomas is the epitome of class, and backs it up. He's intelligent when he speaks, and always has something to add to an interview, and on the ice he's not afraid to stand his ground, AND protect it.(A la the linebacker goalie. LOVE it.) THAT'S what sets him apart, and I like that. I used to have a favorite in every sport that was like that,....but they are all gone, and either don't play,-retired,...or passed away. Sad. I used to love watching Ken Caminiti play when he was with the San Diego Padres, he was rough and tumble, you loved watching him take a swing, and that guy took pride in being in-shape,....he could've done so much more if he just would've stayed away from drugs. I'll never forget the day I found out he passed away, I cried all night. I missed watching him play,....I mean genuinely missed seeing him play baseball. All the damn hoopla after he passed just made me ill. Who cares,...I just wanted to watch someone play great, and love it like he did. I got to see Howie Long when he played for the Raiders, and thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, until he retired,....I mean I know he's a family man and all, but he's so boring now. He's GREAT to look at, but I miss the wildman he was when he played. Then there was my all-time favorite; Patrick Roy. Intimidating, backed-up, wildman on the ice, one of the only goalies that would fight, and he played phenomenally,...he could back up everything, 4 Stanley Cups with two different teams, and cocky as all hell,...I adored him. Even off the ice, he was in the middle of things. (His now ex-wife worked in a strip club when he met her, I've heard.) He was married and faithful, (which I heard could not be said for her,) and they have 3 gorgeous children,....but were divorced after almost 20 years of marriage I believe. He is always in some kinda controversy with hockey still,...I love it and still adore him to no end. To. This. Day. (Can't wait til we move to Canada.) Anyhow~now I have Tim Thomas to watch, and lovin' him so far. I love when they can be all things at once; a loving family man, a great athelete,intelligent, and a wildman,....that's the best to me. (My husband thinks I'm strange and sic that I like that,....little does he know I just described him to a "T".) Funny how that works, eh?

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