Friday, June 3, 2011

Short and sweet

Ya know, every day you live, and hopefully you find something that makes you smile a little. My husband, and kittehs do that for me. Then you hear or read about someone who has had a great loss in their life, and makes you thankful for all that you have every single second. And I am. Believe me. I don't take things for granted, but I do punish myself for everything that has gone wrong in our lives. I take it out on myself. (That much my doctor has made me realize.) She says that I can't forgive myself for this whole legal fiasco. I think she might be right. I have to start taking better care of myself, and exercising again. I have to. I have to find a way. Maybe I'll go thru our photo albums and look at pictures of me when I was really in shape. (I'll probably just get depressed instead of motivated.) Who knows. I just know that I am lucky in so many ways,...and every day passes by like nothing. Like water running thru my hands. Thats it really. I'm gonna finish watching 'The Nanny', and go to bed. Munky will be cuddling right by my side, and THAT does make me very happy and content. 'Night.

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