Friday, June 10, 2011

Little bit of this

Just a quick post before I have to go into work,(blah.) Watching the Casey Anthony trial, and keep going back and forth as to thinking she did it or not. I think she didn't do it. She was set up maybe? I don't know. I will NEVER in my life understand how people can kill a child, ANY child. Never. (And don't get me started about animals. I'd like to hunt down and torture a few people after reading some horrid things in the newspaper down here.) SOOOOOO~ been on eBay, and selling some things. It's slowed down ALOT, but selling a couple of things a week, at least it's something. Ummm,...found a Mulberry Baywater bag on there for a really good deal.(I had to get it.) I mean it was like 80% off the price, and AUTHENTIC. I'll let you know. I'm eyeing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes too. I'll show my purchases when I get them. I'm off to get ready for work. I have a job interview next week with Macys. (Big whoop most of you say,) but I rather work for them than a liquor company I have no attachments or go-getting-ness for. I mean in Macys, at least I'll be around clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. that I love to sell,....makes sense? I dunno', I just know I need a change,-that's all. And Lord, PLEASE let the Bruins win tonight. PLEASE. I'm off to the factory. See ya.

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