Sunday, June 19, 2011

Live in the moment

So it's my usual Sunday or whatever-night-off-the-next-two-days, and I've been on eBay half the night, played with Munky the other half, and watched 'The Nanny', the other half! I did buy a gorgeous, vintage, turquoise, and horn, necklace that will look awesome with just about anything from a white button-up or tshirt, to a faded beat-up denim shirt. I'm still waiting on my Mulberry bag, and I got a gorgeous sterling silver mid-century modern cross to hang above our door. (Our front door has a cross that was my great-grandmother's that came from Italy with her.) I have it, I cherish it, and I will keep it with me always. Every place I've ever lived, it hung over the front door. The only other people I would ever give it to would be my brother S. or my husband,(which when we split-up, I told him he could keep it. He KNOWS how much that cross means to me. He was impressed with me giving-ness. I love him that much,-yes, far more than myself.) Anyhow~got up early today,(for me) and watched the Boston Stanley Cup parade. I almost cried I was so happy and emotional. 39 YEARS! Over a million people lined the streets of Boston for over 24 hrs. they said. That's alotta people. Went to work, and was still on a 'high' from the parade. Work was busy, and went by pretty uneventful.(Thank goodness.) My husband is out at the casino, and I bought a bottle of vodka, some gourmet cream soda, and a Father's Day card from the kittehs. (He'll laugh,'ll make him smile. They ARE our kids, so why not?) Nothing else really. I have probation on Tues. morning that I've already been worrying about since last week. My husband called our lawyer, and hopefully he is already trying to get me off it. (It's been 10 months now, for nothing.) So I'll hopefully find out some good news next week. I hope it's the last time I have to go. It's very stressful, and I don't belong there. At. All. Trust me. I've been reading this other blog lately that has totally put my life in perspective. This lady had her husband of over 4o years and one of her goggies(doggies) pass away a week apart.(Life's free treats.) I think I woulda killed myself. I don't know, sad. I hate to think of that poor woman alone, and grieving, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do or say to make it all better. I cried my eyes out a little while ago reading it. Makes me feel very lucky, and I'm honestly trying to enjoy every moment I can with little Munky, Sugar, my husband, and live in the moment. I watch Munky, and wonder what the hell I will do without her one day. She is the little light of my life, next to Sugar and my hubby. If you saw how many pictures of her I have, you'd think I was insane. She IS my child. Oh well, each his own, and my thoughts are with that woman wherever she is. I can't stop thinking of her, and hoping she will make it thru okay.

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