Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All my mistakes, with 2 drinks

Okay,.....so I don't drink, and I've had a brandy alexander with chocolate ice cream that my mom used to make for us on X-mas Eve when we were kids, and I'm buzzed beyond belief. I love it. I feel invincible. I understand when people drink,.........and why. When it hits you good, it hits you GOOD. When it doesn't, it DOESN'T. I saw a cop on the way to Mickey D's, and I yelled out the window that the doughnut shop was the other way! My husband WAS NOT HAPPY. I thought it was hysterical after I stopped being mad. I hate them. I got on eBay after 1 and a half B.A.s, and I wanna buy everything! I understand why Jen Lancaster buys 'stuff' online when she's drinking. Really. I want it all. Necklaces from J.Crew,....shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, (I SO LOVE HIM,)......clothing by the wee Olsen twins, by Elizabeth and James, or The Row, (which is ONLY made in SMALL sizes,) and Loree Rodkin knuckle rings,......I want it all. I'm so buzzed. I watched the Boston Bruins, and my cutie-pie,-Tim Thomas, win BIG tonight,.....I'm a happy camper. Trust me. All I need is to buy something. Trust me.(if you could see all my mistakes you'd laugh.) I'm positive I'll be asleep in half an hour. Go Bruins!!! Go Tim Thomas!!! HE IS SO ADORABLE. I think in another life I was a hockey goalie. I LOVE them. See ya. Off to sleep by my husband's suggestion!!! Seeya Q!!!

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