Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Normal or not, here I am

Well I'm still not into the swing of things yet. Is there such thing as "back to normal?" I don't know if I was even normal to begin with. So,....I'm sitting here watching my Montreal Canadians lose AGAIN to the Flyers. How I dislike them. Not like the Red Wings mind you, but I really wanted the Canadians to go to the Stanley Cup. That's really where it belongs. Those poor fans have been waiting forever since my man left there in '96. (The almighty Patrick Roy.) Anyways,....found a washing machine in the newspaper,....$75!!! Yeah, we went and got it today. Boy,...you don't realize what a pain it is having a washing machine that doesn't work properly until you get one that works right. We were having to pour buckets of water to fill the washer everytime. I was hating it. We haven't had the new one for two hours, and I'm already on my SECOND load. Nice, huh? What else? Nothing else really. Went shopping yesterday,...found some cute clothes. (So what else is new, I know.) I'm thinking of my family in Ga. non-stop. I was up til 5AM last night on Facebook reading everyone's stuff on the Memorial page. I just sat there in bed crying my eyes out. It's just so damn frustrating,- and there is absolutely nothing I can do to help ease anyone's pain up there. I just get more and more angry. I really have to go to a head dr. and talk to someone. I really do. My anger is not normal. It's starting to incapacitate me, and that's when you KNOW you have a problem. To make matters worse, my court date is coming up in a little over three weeks. Starting to think about it NOW too. Funny how different people are up there in Georgia, compared to down here in South Florida. It's like night and day. It really is. I would love to live up there. It's a totally different world. I wonder if my opinion would change if I actually lived up there for awhile. If it did, then I would know for sure it was me, and not the area. Oh well,-who knows. My man went to the gym, and little Munky is sitting outside the front door in the little screened-in area, so she can look at the bugs,frogs and lizards. (She is just so cute.) Sugar is out galivanting the neighborhood, making sure all the perimeters are secure! (At least that's what my husband and I always laughingly say!) Getting ready to cook dinner. So that's my fun, exciting night. God I'm a real ball of fire.

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