Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time is sorta on my side

I have today off from work and I can't wait to watch hockey tonight. Hope my Canadians win,(eventually,) and at all costs,-the Red Wings LOSE. I can't take another win for Detroit. I just can't. And I'm waiting very patiently for Robin Hood to come out. I am so excited, I can't wait to see it,....I've seen Russell Crowe on Jay Leno, and David Letterman, and both said the movie looked spectacular. I. Can't. Wait. I gurantee it will be ANOTHER GREAT movie from him. (As I'm watching 'A Beautiful Mind'. Just found it on HBO.) How people think he's not an unbelievable, great actor is beyond me. Anyways~ yesterday I went shopping before work, and found a dress for our upcoming Family Reunion in November. I can't wait. I'm so looking foward to it. It's one of things that has been keeping me hanging on. It will be a great getaway,.....and it will take our minds off of everything. The only thing I'm NOT looking foward to is leaving Munky and Sugar. I am scared to death of leaving them for four days. I think I'm going to get my SIL to come over and look after them. And I'm STILL scared to death. Am I normal for feeling like that? I've even thought about taking them, but I think that's too disruptive to them. They both hate riding in the car, and you know how kittehs are in a new place. So the best thing for them is to have my SIL come over and take care of them I've figured, on their on turf, right? I only want whats best for them, - believe me. Anything for them. (My husband even says I love them more than him!-lovingly.) He loves them as much as I do. So~.......nothing else really new. I'm really boring I know,....really tho, that's how uneventful our lives are, - for the exception of all our legal worries. Yeah,....sometimes I think that all these problems will never go away. And when they all do finally go away, then what do we do? Where do we go? I want to sell this house SO BAD, and get out of this neighborhood,....all these people looking down their noses at us, like we are some criminals. Makes me sick. My husband and I have really been talking about where we are going to move to when we finally sell this house. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this contract goes thru w/ our one condo down near the beach. What a big load off our minds it will be. May 28th. The closing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And hoping it goes off w/out a hitch. Only time will tell,........only time.


Merely Me said...

So you probably don't want to know that I have two bottles of wine signed by one of R.W. guy?! ;) I gave them away actually and got a massage and pizza for it! Totally worth it!

angelsroy33 said...

Nice! I woulda done the same with them. Heck,-I wouldn't want 'em if they were GIVEN to me!!! At least you got somethin' for them.