Monday, May 17, 2010

Short and sweet

Okay. So the last week hasn't been one of the best. But I'm really going to try to change myself and not be so bitter and hateful about 'people'. If I learned one thing from this past week, and the horrible events that led up to it, it's that some people,....ALOT of people really come thru when someone really needs help. All that stuff won't bring this family member back no matter what,....but at least we know that the immediate family involved will be taken care of in more ways than one. For real. I mean, like-for-the-rest-of-their-lives-real. I was so overwhelmed by all the response. I guess I really only see things from my evil little world,....I do know that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story,....but some people really get a raw deal,....and we won that. Yipee. Not so happily. Anyways,....I have to change, more for today, happy, happier. I am seriously going to make an effort. But I still want to move. We so have to move.

Oh, and P.S. It still SUCKS that my Montreal Canadians were shut out by those damn Flyers tonight. Sucks big-time.

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