Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you really kidding me?

Had a weird day today. This whole week, the president of the condo. ass. where we are selling our condo in eight days, has been bugging me about 'this-that-and-the-other' all damn week! Eight days before closing, and he's telling me we have to get the washer and dryer outta there or the buyers won't be approved by the board! ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME???? REALLY??? So, I leave early this morning before work, and meet these people who want the w/d, and I told them if they can just take it out, they can have it. Yep. So there we are, three people early in the morning, trying, and I repeat 'trying' to unhook the w/d, and FINALLY, we got it down the two short flights of stairs, and loaded into their truck. What a relief. I then proceed to let the Condo-Cammando-president know that the w/d are outta there, and he gives me ANOTHER list of things I have to do BEFORE closing next Friday. Again,.....ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME!!?? I am going to strangle this guy, I mean really,....but you'd be proud, I smiled politely and asked if there was "absolutely anything else I need to do and/or know about to do before closing NEXT FREAKIN' FRIDAY?!" He just walked away shaking his head "no". How nice of him. Wasn't that sweet? Freakin' roses. Coming up roses, I am.

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