Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank you.

A nice day off today. Already talked to my mom,....cleaned the pool, took Munky out, fed Sugar-Man, watching hockey, and getting ready to go to my SIL for dinner and watch "Breaking Bad" tonight. I have tomorrow off too. The closing for the condo is this coming Friday. I'm nervous. I just want everything to go thru w/ no problems. (That's about as unlikely as pigs flying or me having good luck. Never happen.) Anyways,....still thinking and worrying about impending court date. Starting to have bad dreams about it. This is how I start to make myself sick. Am I abnormal to be like this? Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. My nephew got a tribute tatoo I just saw on Facebook. My family up in Georgia will be hurting for a very long time. It hurts my heart to know my family is feeling like that, and there is nothing I can do to make it better. Frustrating. I think I'm going to try to plan another trip up there, to help out and take some stress off my brother and SIL,....I'm so worried about them both. Too much stress. My brother is taking all this extremely hard and that worries me. I have to talk with my sister to see when she is going up there. Maybe I'll tag-along. ANYWAYS~ enough sad talk. Thanks for always letting me be,....writing on here helps me so much, believe it or not. I think I get alot of "stuff" off my chest. I wish I could always be light-hearted and funny like all these other great blogs, but this is my life, and I have to let some of it out someway, somehow. Just wanna say I appreciate anyone who reads this. It helps.

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