Saturday, May 30, 2009

Everyday stuff.

You must call me the eBay-queen. I have nabbed some great deals lately on there. I know, I know,......the economy, no one's spending money, no luxury items, etc. etc. etc. I don't have money to burn, but I'm trying to save up for something, and get something I want once a month. So here I am, scooping out eBay for all the stuff I see in magazines that I want. Well,....last month I've been trying to find a Chanel leather make-up bag,.....well, I got one, for alot less than you would think. I was actually shocked when I won it, and for the price! THEN,- this month my one splurge was a gorgeous pair of black, platform, YSL shoes that I have wanted since the very first time I laid eyes on them! I have wanted these for years. I have drooled, and envied, every single time I have seen someone with them on. I can't believe I got them, and I just have to tell you,.....FOR ONLY $60!!! SIXTY DOLLARS. Sorry,- I'm still unbelieving.Anyways,...let me tell you, eBay, and Craigslist have been lifesavers for me. Trying to buy stuff at a savings,-stuff for the house,(-we only have a bedroom set left to buy,) let alone the chaise we bought on Craigslist, and the cherrywood dining room table we got at Faith Farm. I guess thats why these places and stuff are all booming, right? Who would have thought? I swear, I go to Salvation Army, and Goodwill, and see Mercedes, BMWs, and Land Rovers in the parking lot, and it just really hits me how hard it is for EVERYONE. I've been working almost 50 hours a week, and I think I deserve certain things,-but only as a deal. Right now, I can't see spending money on anything unless its a deal. Well, I'm still spending my free time with my kittyS, and husband. Little Stucky, who has been renamed to Monkey,(because I did get her a kitty condo, and she climbs like a Monkey,) she is SO CUTE. And Sugar is being as lovable as ever. He is turning into an adult kitty right before my eyes. I feel like a parent watching her child grow-up, and it kills me that he's not the playful, lovable little kitten he once was. He is so beautiful, it takes my breath away every time I look at him. I've fallen in love with Sugar more and more every day. How anyone could ever leave him, I will never know. NEVER. Anyways, I will write more when I can.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Are Monkey & Sugar getting along yet?

I have to say, love the shoes, but are they comfortable?

angelsroy33 said...

Believe it or not, they really are. I mean, they are not new, so you can safely say they are already broken in. I will just take them to the shoe repair to have them 'cleaned' before I wear them. I can't wait!

angelsroy33 said...

Oh, and Monkey and Sugar still aren't around each other yet. I am trying to put stuff that smell like each other in the other one's 'spots', so hopefully, and gradually they'll get used to each other? At least that's what I've been told, and have read to do when introducing two kitties together. I will keep ya posted. :)