Monday, May 11, 2009

Someone help me

You'd think life would happen in a different way, but it doesn't. I was at work on Saturday, when someone came in and said they heard a little kitten crying in the bushes right outside the front door,.....of course you know I was out there in a flash. Sure enough,....the little cry was loud, and I started to mew back in my kitty-call, and the little thing sure enough responded! Came right out,....I put the frightened, shaking, LITTLE thing in a box, and ran home and put him(her) in our bathroom, with a litterbox, three little kittybeds, and a small plate of food. I had to finish out my day at work, and came home to the little thing sleeping and full. I kept going in there every hour, to let him get used to me, and know I won't hurt him, but he was still so scared. Everytime I reached for him he would hiss, and try to literally climb up the wall. I felt so bad. So I left him alone for a couple more hours, and went in and put him in a towel, and cooed and petted him till he feel asleep on my chest. So adorable. I then put him on our chaise in the living room, wrapped in the towel, and watched him sleep for awhile longer. I kept him in the bathroom thinking it would be the safest place,.....I went to work on Saturday, and halfway thru the day, my husband called and said he couldn't find the little one. He looked all thru the bathroom,(there is only so many places he could hide,) and couldn't find him. To make a long story short,....we found a hole underneath our bathroom vanity that goes into the wall,....yup,....IN THE WALL. He goes in there now whenever we go in the bathroom to see him, and won't come out unless we put food out, or to go to the litterbox. He runs whenever we open the door. I'm clueless now as to how to build a relationship w/ him, so he trusts me. Just when I was thinking about getting involved again w/ helping kitties, I am. I am at my wit's end trying to figure out what to do. Any ideas? Anything at all?


Little Ms Blogger said...

Can you leave the bathroom door open and put the food outside the door?

Has your other kitty met him/her yet?

angelsroy33 said...

No, I'm afraid he'll hide somewhere else and we'll accidentally hurt him or worse.(In a recliner,etc.) But my husband put a little soft,kitty house in there, and he seems to like it better than the wall,...he sleeps in it, so my husband got up this morning, and while the little guy was sleeping in it, he picked it up and put him in our extra, empty bedroom. What a relief. Now my husband wants to know when we can go in and play w/ him. BTW, I named the kitten Stucky, for the bushes he was stuck in and then the wall. I think it's appropriate. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

merelyme said...

Precious! Stucky in the bushes...or wall?! ;)

Can hardly wait for the picture!