Monday, May 4, 2009

LOVE my little man, DISLIKE everything else!

I just have to say a few things about my likes and dislikes once more. I mean you know how much I LOVE kitties, and you know how much I HATE people on cellphones. What about other stuff tho, eh? Well, just a little insight into my little brain.
1) I love SATC, Friends, Beavis and Butthead, Burn Notice, and Breaking Bad.
2) I love to listen to music and/or nothing at all when I am home alone,-NO TV. (I say this because my husband has to have the TV on every waking moment. Sometimes it drives me crazy.)
3) I hate talking on the phone, making phone calls, and ringing phones.
4) I would love to be able to dress up everyday, dresses, high-heels, make-up, hair,....I love to be girlie.
5) I HATE,HATE,HATE HUNTING, fowl language, entitled, rude people, slow-driving in the left lane, and ANYONE on cellphones as you very well know!
6) I ADORE animals; especially kitties, dogs, birds, and bears.
7) I had mono when I was 16 and spent almost 14 days in the hospital,...(going down to 86 pounds. I was never so sick in my life!) I missed the last week of school and the first week of the following year, making that summer a big bust. I did nothing fun.
8) I secretly love when my kitty won't go to anyone but me. He knows I would give my life for him. He just knows,-believe me. He even hides behind me and peeks out if he is scared. How I love him.
9) There is nothing I love more than a rainy day so I have an excuse to nap with him,(my kitty,) ALL DAY LONG.
10)I hate mushrooms,...even the smell when they are being cooked, ~it makes me want to toss my cookies. I also hate cheese, mayo, yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cheesecake of any kind, rice pudding, and flan. No can do.
11) I would NEVER, EVER want to be famous,....seriously,....I would abhor it. It would make me very mentally, and emotionally unstable. Really.
12) I love movie popcorn w/ extra butter, and coca-cola.
13) I love goatees, and most facial hair on guys. VERY ATTRACTIVE, and the meaner someone looks, the MORE attractive they are to me. Yup, it's true.
14) My sister and I once ate a Sara Lee Triple chocolate layer cake before company arrived, and ran to the store to buy another one, (so we wouldn't get in trouble,) and proceeded to eat almost the entire second one that same night.
15) I love anything Canadian, from Canada, and to do w/ Canada.
16) I get hiccups when I laugh too much,(silly, but it really is true.)
17) I love Modern Danish furniture.
18) I once sneezed 14 times in a row! (Even I couldn't believe it!)
19) I really freak-out when I see stitches being given,(even in a movie,) and any kind of injections. I cannot stomach it, I don't know why.(I passed out cold getting blood drawn once.~I hope you're not laughing.) I have tattoos, and piercings, ~I don't know. It's a love/hate, pleasure/pain kinda thing I guess.( I've even had surgery.)
20) I love great dialogue in movies; (Pulp Fiction, No Country For Old Men, Gladiator.) It just intrigues me.
21) When I was a kid I was so weirded out by (thinking I see eyes watching me in windows, )that I couldn't sleep unless I had the curtains totally closed,(no matter how hot it would be,) and I would have to turn all the pictures, posters, dolls, and stuffed animals around so they weren't 'staring' at me. Strange child I was.
22) I taught myself how to type when my husband bought me my first laptop for a Medical Transcription class that I never finished,(but paid for in full,) when my mom became sick. I now type over 45 WPM,(and counting.)
23) I used to NOT be able to drive alone,-EVER. I would have horrible panic attacks. It was damn awful, but never interfered with me working,(to my relief.)
24) I learned to totally shut myself down mentally when things get too rough to handle. I just go into auto-pilot, and I get a little mean and/or cold towards whoever is around me. Weird, but I do it. (I don't really understand it. I guess it's a defense mechanism.)
26) I love country music.
27) My first real crush was in 6th grade when I wrote a report on Kris Kristofferson, and have LOVED him ever since. (Cried my eyes out for days after seeing him die in 'A Star is Born'.) I still can't handle seeing that movie.
28) I totally adore Patrick Roy's mental toughness. It just amazes me to no end. I envy, and obsess over how great he is. I miss seeing him play in goal so much, I really do, (and I know how strange I sound.)
29) I had three tattoos, but had two removed (on each shoulder,) and it was honestly the most painful thing I've ever (physically) endured. Oh. My. God. Hurt. Pain.Hurt. And more pain.
30) I have an addictive personality, and I'm loyal to a fault. Once I like someone, they can do 'no wrong', and I will fight to the finish defending them to whoever I have to, any way I can. (Same thing with people I dislike; once they do something I'm not fond of, they will never be in my good graces again; a la Michael Vick. Pig.)
31) I'm a night person,-always have been, and probably always will be.
32) I LOVE Barbra Striesand to no end. (My parents loved her, so I grew-up listening and watching her.) There is no one like her, or even close, and never will be.
33) I am still so IN AWE of Jamey Johnson, and getting to meet him. I will forever sing his praises. (Not to mention how good-looking he is. Yowzaa.) To me, he is a legend-in-the-making. Awesome, talented, unbelievable man.

And with that, I will leave you alone now. If I think of anything more, I'll keep ya posted. Thanks for even reading.

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